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Shu Yinbiao meets with the Deputy Director of State Administration for Market Regulation and President of IEC China Commission Mr. Tian Shihong



  On December 5th, the 36th President of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and Chairman of China Huaneng Group Co. Ltd. Shu Yinbiao met with the delegation led by Mr. Tian Shihong, Deputy Director of State Administration for Market Regulation and President of IEC China Commission at Huaneng headquarters. The two sides had an in-depth discussion with regards to making general working plan during IEC presidency, furthering related works of international standardization, and accelerating the connectivity and integration of China standard and the world standard.

  Shu Yinbiao welcomed the visiting group led by Tian Shihong, and briefly introduced the development of Huaneng. He noted, in recent years, the right to set international standards is having more and more profound influences over countries’ initiatives and the rights to speak in international competitions. Huaneng will make efforts to become an innovation and demonstration base of standards in the power industry, heighten enterprise and the industry’s development quality through the heightened standardization, bolster China’s energy revolution, and facilitate the deep involvement of China’s power enterprises in the Belt and Road construction. Shu Yinbiao expressed the hope that the two sides would strengthen strategic communications, deepen interactions and cooperation, and make greater contributions to the works of international standardization in the electrotechnical sector.

  Tian Shihong congratulated Shu Yinbiao on his new appointment, and paid high appreciation to Huaneng’s accomplishments of reform and development in the past. He said, Shu Yinbiao becoming the 36th President of IEC has aroused high attentions both domestically and internationally. People are having high hopes. For the next step, we will fully undertake the obligation as a host country, quicken the pace of the organizational arrangement such as the establishment of the IEC President’s office, and build up the expert team in electrotechnical sector. We will work out the IEC China three-year action plant, and comprehensively integrate professional expertise in both power grid and electricity generation, so as to provide China solution and China wisdom for the IEC development. He noted that Huaneng has leading advantages in technological innovation, and has bright prospects in standardization. In the future, we will serve for Huaneng’s standardization works, accelerate the marketization, industrialization, and internationalization process of its advanced technology, help Huaneng become the model of standardization in the industry, and make contributions to the internationalization of Chinese standards.

  Before the meeting, the delegation visited the Huaneng exhibition hall accompanied by Shu Yinbiao.

  Links: IEC was founded in 1906. Its members cover 171 countries. It is a world-recognized organization of standard setting and conformity assessment in electrical, electronic and other relevant technological sectors. It has the credibility as the United Nations in the Electrotechnical Sector. China formally joined the organization in 1957. On October 26th, 2018, Shu Yinbiao was elected as the 36th President of IEC, becoming the first Chinese in charge of the organization since its founding 112 years ago.


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